A New Way to Share – The KNE STEM Newsletter!

The pace of my Kids Need Enrichment (KNE) blog posts has slowed down recently for a variety of reasons, most importantly that I’ve been thinking about learning and how to provide more kids (and kids at heart) more opportunities to experience the amazing, fun, and powerful world of STEM.

Learning should be awesome and fun. It needs to go beyond the regular classroom and take place anywhere and everywhere. To explore the world around them, kids should engage in hands-on activities at their own pace and comfort level.

One of the challenges our family has with traditional enrichment kits, activities and events is that they are typically once and done. We’ll go through an activity which (if we’re lucky) might be great, but once it’s over, there isn’t a way to take it to the next level. We’re now searching for easy to use, extensible tools and activities that have plenty of room for growth. This way our daughters will continue to learn beyond a single experience and come up with their own creative ways to continue exploring.

As part of this search, I’m creating an educational STEM newsletter that will combine some of the adventures our family has had, things we’re using to improve our learning experiences, thoughts and ideas about STEM education and creating a learning community, and even insights from my daughters about their favorite STEM activities, shows, and people.

For all of you who have joined our KNE community, let me know if there is anything in particular you want to hear about (stem@kidsneedenrichment.com). You can look forward to seeing the first newsletter in a couple of weeks!

For anyone new to KNE, I hope your family will join us in exploring the amazing world of STEM! It’s as easy as signing up here.

The world is waiting. Time to explore!

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