What to Watch: The Brain Scoop

by Alexa (age 9, @KNEstemGirls)

Have you ever wondered how you could see the insides of animals or learn about what scientists do at the Field Museum in Chicago, Illlinois? On the YouTube channel, the Brain Scoop, you can see Emily Graslie, the Field Museum’s Chief Curiosity Corespondent, meet scientists, go on adventures, and dissect things like a wolf, 2-faced calf, anteater, and much more.

Since January 14, 2013, Emily has been funny when explaining things on the Brain Scoop, which makes learning fun. Emily also gives great tips on How to Get Your Dream Job and the Ask Emily episodes.

I like all of the episodes, but my 5 favorites are:

  1. Two-Faced Calf (Emily dissects a unique 2-faced calf with Anna Goldman.)
  2. Crocodiles vs. Alligators (Emily explains the differences between alligators and  crocodiles. One main difference is that a crocodile’s snout is a V shape and and an alligator’s is a U shape.)
  3. Horns vs. Antlers (Emily explains the differences between horns and antlers on mammals. After watching this video, you’ll never get them confused again.)
  4. Pangolins (Emily explains what pangolins are and shows what they look like.)
  5. Emily Gets a Valentine (Emily dissects a fluffy stuffed bear to find a bison heart and explains about the anatomy, size, and function of the heart.)

[Editor’s Note: The following paragraph is not for the squeamish.]
At the end of all the videos, Emily says “It still has brains on it.” I think this is funny but, if you don’t understand, it is referring to the brain scoop. If you are wondering what a brain scoop is, it is a tool used to take out the brains of animals through a hole at the back of its head. If you want to see one, you can google it or watch the end of Emily Gets a Valentine.

I learned a lot from watching this show and I hope you do too.


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