STEAM Fair Wrap Up


Thank you to everyone that came to the STEAM Fair! It was an incredible afternoon of science, creativity, innovation, and fun. The library was packed with attendance exceeding our expectations. Although we’re not sure about the overall numbers, it was definitely more than 500 people and could have actually reached 1,000 attendees.

Kids and kids at heart were especially enthralled by the vacuum of space, live animals, bug-based food tastings, fossilized dinosaur skin, DNA extraction, chemical reactions, 3D printing, constructing their own vehicles out of recycled materials, and of course our friend, “Rusty” the Robot.


A special thanks to 12-year-old Erika (@KNEstemGirls) for helping us prepare and step in at the last minute when the NAO Robot presenter couldn’t come.

We will keep you posted as we plan more events like this in the future.

If you enjoyed this event at the Port Washington Public Library, please let them know at The more testimonials they receive, the more support they can get for future projects like the STEAM Fair.

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