Using a Digital Microscope

By Alexa (age 9, @KNEstemGirls)

Butterfly WingI just got a microscope! It’s super cool.

The microscope that we have looks like a cylinder with a round back and a light in the front. It comes with a stand and a ruler. It also has a magnification indicator. Unlike traditional microscopes, our digital microscope doesn’t have an eyepiece.

The microscope works a few different ways. You can plug it into a PC or use its wifi to connect with an electronic device like an iPad.

Beetle HeadWith a digital microscope, you can look at and magnify different things. You can even take pictures and video! We have seen a dragonfly wing, a butterfly wing, a ladybug, coins (a penny and a quarter), a baby tooth that I just lost, and a beetle (it was hairy!).

I think that you should get a digital microscope so that you can see really cool stuff up close.

[Editor’s Note: There are less and more expensive digital microscopes available. This one had good reviews and the features we wanted.]


  • Cost: ~$170
  • Magnifications: 10x-200x, adjustable focus and magnifications
  • Video Format: Motion JPEG 720P HD (1280×720)
  • Picture Format & Resolution: JPEG 1280×720
  • Compatibility: iPhone/iPad (iOS 5.1 or later) via Wi-Fi, Android Smart Phone/Tablet via Wi-Fi, PC (Windows-XP (SP2), Win7, Win8) via USB
  • Battery Life: ~100 minutes
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