KNE Challenge Update

kne_tshirt-300x272Since we launched the KNE Challenge last month, more than 50 kids earned our custom T-shirt by bringing the fun, amazing, and powerful world of STEM to other kids. They met the challenge by volunteering at 2 different elementary schools’ STEM Nights.

The KNE interns and other high school volunteers engaged kids in hands-on activities like Rainbow in a Tube, Tabletop Hovercrafts, Homemade Lava Lamps, Levitating Orbs, and Tie Dye Milk and demonstrated Animal Dissections, Dry Ice Experiments, Seeing Sound, and Mathematical Card Tricks. Directions on how to do these activities at home will be available on the KNE website in the near future. So be sure to check them out.

Others presented their robotic creations and worked with kids at technology-oriented stations on Green Screen Video Recording, Straw Rockets, Air Compressor Cars, Mini Roller Coasters, and the Family Tower Building Challenge.

These kids were a major part of these hugely successful events. At the first, 200 students brought their families, while just a week later there were over 175 attendees at another school’s first STEM Night. More kids will meet the challenge at a third a STEM-tastic, community-building event. All of them should be proud of bringing excitement and engagement to so many others, especially since many of these families don’t get a lot of opportunities for hands-on STEM.

More kids will meet the KNE Challenge at our first KNE STEM Talk on Saturday 4/16 from 12:45 to 2:15 pm at the Port Washington Public Library as 2nd through 12th graders will share their incredible STEM experiences including their award-winning science research. Come join in the fun!

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