By Alexa, age 10

I’ve found a terrific use for all of my extra scraps of paper. They’re called flexagons! You can make tri hexa-flexagons, hexa hexa-flexagons, and even tetra-flexagons! In this article, I will focus on the basic tri hexa-flexagon.

To make these, you take a strip of paper, fold it into ten triangles, and then fold the triangles into a hexagon. For specific directions on how to make flexagons, go to Aunt Annie’s Crafts. The tri hexa-flexagons are easy to make and are fun to play with.

Tri hexa-flexagons can be flexed (as the name suggests) into three sides. You can get creative and design these sides to be many things. I made a tri hexa-flexagon that changes from three worlds into one. 😮

You can even make Flex Mex, which is basically a tri hexa-flexagon taco that uses a tortilla instead of paper. (It’s really yummy 😋). For a greater challenge you can fold a hexa hexa-flexagon using 19 triangles. To try a different shape, you can make a tetra-flexagon using 6 squares, with a seventh for gluing.

So the next time you have extra scraps of paper try making some flexagons. They can be used for hours of fun!

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