BAM Teknopolis

By Alexa, age 10

Imagine you’re at an art museum. What do you see? Paintings? Sculptures? Now, imagine that there is a new exhibit called Teknopolis. What do you think will be there? More sculptures? Sketches? Imagine walking in and seeing not paintings nor sculptures, but art that is moving. How can art move? What art is this? Is this even art? Welcome to Teknopolis, the art of the future.

Teknopolis-e1492259884735-225x300Teknopolis is at the BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) Fisher. When you walk in to Teknopolis, you will be surrounded by screens. It’ll be dark, but you can still see well. Almost all of the screens in there are interactive. What do you think are on the screens?

Well, one of the screens is Abstract Landscape. It actually will have three screens that form a cube with an entrance. On the screens will be different patterns. You can wave your hands around to make the pattern part and direct its movement. What story could you tell in this cube?

Another interactive screen is Shifting Clouds. On this screen are lots of dots forming the shape of the things in front of the screen. What does this remind you of? Bees? Sand?

Letter Trees is one of the non-interactive screens. This is simply a tree that has letters blowing out of it, as if the tree was blowing in a wind of letters. What do you think this could represent? Growing vocabulary? Stories? It’s up to you to decide.

Teknopolis is a world of wonders, combining both art and technology. Maybe one day this will be in all art museums. Sadly, Teknopolis is only open from February 25 – March 12. Go check out Teknopolis! Have fun!

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