What to Write

By Alexa, age 11

Have you ever wanted to write an article or story but not known what to write or how to get started? Well, this article should help.

First of all, you need to know whether you want to write non-fiction or fiction. For now, let’s focus on non-fiction. Here are some possible topics.

1. Look up 10 strange animals
It’s as simple as that! If you are looking for something interesting and new, then I recommend researching and writing about the many strange animals out there that you probably haven’t heard of.

2. Give advice on the best way to do something
You could give advice on anything, really. Cooking (like a cook book), finances, sports, crafts, and lots of others things too. It’s easiest to write about something you like doing.

3. Review a show/an activity/place you visited
You can review a show that you saw or a place you’ve been to. Write about what you liked about, what you think can be improved, what makes it special, and so on.

4. Journal/Blog
If you can’t think of anything or don’t want to write, just take 5-10 minutes and write about your day. What did you do? Was it fun? I usually like to journal about my day for 5 minutes every night.

5. Give directions on how to do an activity
Write about how to do something that you did. For example, if you made slime, you could write about how to make it.

There are many other things you could do, but I like these the best. Give it a try and send us what you wrote!

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