What is enrichment?

According to the dictionary it’s “an act of adding greater value or significance”. However, if you ask 10 different parents what it means to them, they would probably give you 10 different answers. Here’s what enrichment means to me.

For me enrichment is about providing greater depth and meaning to what children (and adults) are learning. It is so much more than simply learning something at an accelerated pace. Enrichment stimulates and engages children in multiple ways – visually, auditorially, kinesthetically, and emotionally. It exposes children to the possibilities of life while helping them develop critical thinking skills and exciting their imaginations and sense of wonder. When possible, it even immerses children in what they are learning so that ultimately, they create their own meaning about what they’re learning.

In achieving all of this, enrichment will make a child’s life more fulfilling. It won’t guarantee that they get in to an Ivy League university or that they will be financially successful, but I firmly believe that it enables them to be happier, more well rounded, better problem solvers who understand and can adapt to the world around them.

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