How I learned to code

by Alexa (age 9, @KNEstemGirls)

Color Coaster Game (by me!)

A few months ago, I didn’t know how to code, but I just finished creating my 8th mini-game (I’m working on my 9th).

I learned to code from, Scratch, and particularly Tynker. On Tynker, there are different coding games. My favorite is Debugger. In Debugger, you go on an adventure and debug the system to complete puzzles.

On Tynker, I learned lots of ways to code. Some things I learned include: how to code in the fewest steps possible, how to put code in loops, and how hard and important it is to code.

There is an app for Tynker too. If you get the app, then you can take it with you and code whenever you want! On the app, I created my own username and password. Then, I edited some other samples and game kits that people made and created my own projects from scratch.

If you are a beginner, I would suggest going to a website,, or start with Candy Quest. In Candy Quest you go on an adventure and code to get candy. These are easy, but once you’ve got the basics, it gets harder and more challenging.

I love challenging activities which makes coding fun and interesting. Since I like coding, I’ve made my own projects and have been playing my favorite game on the app, Lazer Racer. In Lazer Racer you’re a drawing car and it reminds me of how I love to draw. Also, Lazer Racer is easier to understand since I coded lots of drawing projects.

Learning to code takes time and patience but if you like creating projects and solving puzzles, then I would recommend giving it a try. Also, if you like video games, this helps you understand how they work and you can create your own!

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