Want to take over the world? Learn to Code

by Erika (age 12, @KNEstemGirls)

Eventually, the world will be based on computers and technology. We might have robot nannies and more efficient, less annoying Siris. Apple will grow and have more apps and programs. TVs will be voice-controlled and know your favorite channels. And all of it will all be based on computer code.

Coding is an educational, fun way to learn the basic way a computer works and the power of controlling it. JavaScript, Java, and HTML are just a few types of computer code, but they are complicated and can be confusing. Programs like Tynker, Code.org, andScratch simplify commands into connecting blocks that a child can use with ease in educational games and in projects they make. I highly recommend these programs for allowing kids to be kids (as in having fun, not Chucky Cheese) while learning new things. I was introduced to these programs by a teacher and I can code drones and spheres to move and fly.

Our world will be technology and computer based. Even now, things in our everyday lives are based on code! A toaster has 32,000 lines of code and a luxury car has 100,000,000 which is more than 10x more lines of code than what it takes to run Facebook. Life will be much easier if we can understand and control computers. Coding is fun and useful because you can fix your computer or make your own games and apps. I love to code and it might become one of the most important jobs.


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