STEM Talk Recap

Thank you to everyone that came to the first KNE STEM Talk on Saturday April 16th! All of our elementary through high school-aged presenters did an incredible job sharing their their STEM experiences in front of a live audience of ~40 people. Since this was our first STEM Talk, we wanted to keep it small (we only advertised to all of you!). The size worked out great for a first event. You can check out some of the presentations at the STEM links above.

Our brave 7 and 8 year old presenters kicked off the afternoon discussing simple machines and electronic waste like nickel cadmium batteries in cell phones. The other elementary and middle school students presented about microscopic tardigrades, building and programming a robot, finding ancient fossils in New Jersey, and distant black holes. Then the high school students wrapped up the event with the their science research.

Presenters and attendees alike were excited about this new event and have already asked about when we’ll do it again. We were thrilled to see all of the kids rise to the challenge of speaking in front of a live audience. They all did an amazing job! We are looking at scheduling another STEM Talk in the future, probably this fall. Let us know if you know a kid who would wants to share their love for STEM.

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