KNE Update

This spring has been another STEM-tastic season for Kids Need Enrichment. Last month we organized and ran 2 STEM Nights at local elementary schools and we just did 4 workshops at the local public library!

The 2 STEM Nights were a bigger success than previous years with even higher attendance – we’re guessing 200-300 students and their families. As usual, we recruited a few outside groups to share in the fun with robotics, paleontology, and liquid nitrogen experiments.

Over 20 middle and high school student volunteers ran a wide variety of stations including dry ice experiments, tabletop hovercrafts, optics and optical illusions, space time table, electromagnets, origami, marshmallow construction, microscopes, edible slime, virtual reality demonstrations, bugs, Alka Seltzer rockets, squishy circuits, and fireworks in a jar.

This past weekend we ran 4 workshops at the public library on an Introduction to Coding and Our Solar System for different age groups. Our high schoolers lead 2 sessions on coding focused on learning to think like a computer programmer with logic and sequencing and then using Tynker to do some simple block coding. That was followed by 2 sessions that used activities to understand the size and scale of our solar system.

We hope to do more workshops soon. Our next scheduled event isn’t until August when we celebrate the end of our local library’s summer reading program with an afternoon of STEM-tastic fun!

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